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Ekaterina Balitskaya

Reflections on canvas and paper
about relationships in space


04 February 2019
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Екатерина Балицкая

How many beans does a bird have if another bird has nine grains more, and their total number of beans lack three pieces to make a dozen?

Moments of silence alternate with Eternity Emptiness. In the 3-dimensional space, zero transforms Time to Infinity. My reflections on canvas and paper on relationships in space are based on books, histories and people. Thoughts and ideas are regenerated in the visible Universe, they change from in dynamical equilibrium. A viewer is a trigger of impression mechanism. Pause. Mind and soul are united. Unconsciousness swallows information. Mind would never return to the state before he became a witness of what he observed. Our view of things creates space space. We can guess that we create the reality by our eyes. Empty space between objects is filled by particles of Colour and Shadow. They create forms and textures. There is a visible presence, a life surrounded and filled by objects, and saturated by colours.

In my present I transfer my thaughts by visible illusions to have the possibility of moving toward any direction of constantly changing coordinate of Universe.

Moscow, 2019